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DBRS Morningstar Publishes Updated List of Acceptable Third-Party Due-Diligence Firms

January 19, 2022

DBRS, Inc. (DBRS Morningstar) published its updated list of acceptable third-party due-diligence firms. DBRS Morningstar added Maxwell Diligence Solutions, LLC (Maxwell) as an acceptable due-diligence firm for DBRS Morningstar-rated residential mortgage-backed security transactions.

DBRS Morningstar typically conducts an on-site review to assess the staffing, infrastructure, and capabilities of the company. However, as a result of travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, DBRS Morningstar conducted a phone review of Maxwell instead.

For more information about the approval process or to schedule an on-site review, please contact Kathleen Tillwitz at or refer to DBRS Morningstar’s “Third-Party Due-Diligence Criteria for U.S. RMBS Transactions” methodology.

A description of how DBRS Morningstar considers ESG factors within the DBRS Morningstar analytical framework can be found in the DBRS Morningstar Criteria: Approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance Risk Factors in Credit Ratings at http://

The commentary is available at

The principal methodology is the Third-Party Due-Diligence Criteria for U.S. RMBS Transactions (September 11, 2020), which can be found on under Methodologies & Criteria.

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