Gender Diversity in the Leadership of U.S. Banks: Still a Long Road Ahead

Banking Organizations

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This commentary reviews gender diversity on the Board of Directors and Executive Officers for U.S Banks.

Key highlights include:
• U.S. banks’ Board of Directors compositions better at gender diversity at 32% than executive management teams at 26% in 2021.

• Women were seen in less finance heavy roles within the executive team which is why reporting gender diversity percentages does not fully capture achieving gender parity. The Chief Human Resources position is the only role dominated by women within our sample at 70%.

• Banks with more gender diverse leadership have higher credit ratings, indicating a positive correlation.

“The past two years have caused unprecedented challenges and changes in the workforce; new problems require new and innovative solutions which makes it even more important for the U.S. banks to tap into the benefits of having gender diverse leadership,” said Khadija Gohar, Analyst, Global FIG

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