Press Release

DBRS Morningstar Releases 2023 Calendar for EU Sovereign, Supranational and Sub-Sovereign Ratings

Sovereigns, Sub-Sovereign Governments, Supranational Institutions
December 19, 2022

DBRS Morningstar has released its 2023 calendar for EU issued Sovereign, Supranational and Sub-Sovereign entities. All DBRS Morningstar’s ratings in the DBRS Morningstar calendar are subject to European Union regulations for credit rating agencies. In accordance with the regulations, these credit ratings must be reviewed at least every six months and publication must fall on a Friday after the close of all regulated markets in the European Union. Deviation from DBRS Morningstar’s publication calendar for sovereign ratings or related rating reports will occur only when necessary.

This calendar is available on the DBRS Morningstar website under Sovereigns: